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Welcome to Vaport,
the backend technology
and cloud company

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Who We Are

Vaport is the biggest tech company you may never heard of. From the streets to the sky above, we are everywhere, even in your last meals. We work with everyone from everywhere.

Vaport is specialized in backend technology. We play with data, cloud, artificial intelligence, sensors, software, hardware, and network. We also do research, design, development, implementation, test, and reinforcement of upcoming cool technologies for your tomorrows.

What we do

Vaport does a lot of stuffs, here's some highlights...

Electric Drive Management

BMW, Ford, and McLarean

Charge, battery, electric motor, power delivery, traction, driving modes, and hazard control systems for electric vehicles

Farm Management

10+ farms all over the world

Mid to large scale farm and live stock management including data, orders, weather, assets, inventories, human resources, and budget

Automation Platform


Project Link

Backend support for IBM Cloud Pak® and backup cloud management

Computerized Stability


Project Link

Computer controlled sensor based artificial intelligence powered autopilot, dynamic stability control, and multiple pilot assisting systems

Factory and Warehouse Management

Foxconn, Pegatron, and 20+ corporations

Mid to large scale factory management including data, orders, stock, human resources, and budget

Programming Support


Project Link

Programming support and assistant for software development for various smart electronic and digital gadgets

Have an idea or an epic project in mind? Talk to us. Let us work together and make something great. Shoot us a message at